Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review - Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 9 Stop-Loss

Eliza Dushku revisited Faith (Buffy) and spent most of the episode ass-kicking which is fine. The action made the episode fun to watch from the standpoint of someone who likes that kind of stuff. I was however expecting a more nuanced episode for an episode focusing on Victor.

We learned almost nothing about him other that he was a soldier in Afghanistan and had shell shock which made him turn to the Dollhouse. There were several scenes where we see Victor/Anthony alone contemplating everything -- anyone who was let out the Dollhouse would. What we didn't see is Victor before becoming a soldier or even that much expansion of his character The episode was far too focused on Echo and her new abilities to allow for Enver Gjokaj to shine (I spelled it without referencing anything). We've seen what he can do, and the writers did not try to capitalize on that.

The Scytheon arm of Rossum was a great idea, but I think the infiltration and killing of the soldiers could have been better. Echo is above-average with the numerous abilities pumped into her brain, but Rossum is portrayed as all-powerful. And yet, the soldiers were destroyed much like the fodder on other shows and movies. When I saw the soldiers moving together, I instant recollected the scene in the season premiere of Sanctuary where the Cabal minions walked  in sync in for no particularly reason other than to pose for a final shot. I think that scene will forever ruin people walking in tandem for me, so I was trying hard not to giggle at the soldiers.

Adelle has been pushed and pushed, and it looks like she is on her way to becoming completely evil. Her motives have never been clear from the beginning, but she had a strict moral code. Now, power is sole goal and in total despair, she first shuts down and then becomes a tyrant.

Random thoughts:

When Boyd was referencing something at home, the only thing I could think of was Dr. Saunders. She drove off rather abruptly and her re-entrance should have meaning.

What happened to Ivy? Liza Lapira was terrific in the episode and I hope she doesn't lose that wry charm.

Score: 8.9/10


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