Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 5 Our Mysteries

J.D.'s wholly unnecessary return and exit finally came to an end, and it wasn't pretty. Unlike the spectacular "My Finale," a fitting end to J.D. career at Sacred Heart, "Our Mysteries" was simply weak. J.D. is now the needy guy who hasn't changed a bit and still craves attention and approval. I thought J.D. had finally grown up last season, but I guess not. Most of the episode he and Turk try to find the student that didn't like him. Someone who doesn't like me? I must track him down and change his mind!!

The good news is that we won't have to fret about J.D. or his state of mind anymore. Instead, we can watch the newcomers bumble around without watching J.D. groveling all the time. I am starting get the feel for the newcomers and there were several scenes between the med students that I liked. Lucy is getting funny (loved remark about horses stickers) and Cole, while only a one-note character, is occasionally funny. He's not funny like Aziz Ansari was last season (off the charts funny), but his character is workable. Denise and Drew continue to be funny, but I'm not sure if Drew can stand on his own.

I wish the new season had jumped into the new characters without rehashing old J.D. and giving him a worse send off. What would have been better is if we saw some of the old interns from last season. We got Sunny, my least favorite new intern, last night and she was funny in small doses.

Scrubs is still going to be canceled anyways, so it doesn't really matter from here. I'll watch until the end of the season and if I'm disappointed, at least there won't be more episodes.

Score: 8.7/10


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