Saturday, December 5, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Friday 12/04/09 - Dollhouse fares the same

Dollhouse has been canceled, Fox doesn't promote it, and people who stopped watching still think the show sucks, so the .8 it got last night doesn't surprise me.

CBS handily won the night with Ghost Whisperer (1.9), Medium (1.8), and Numb3rs (1.6). Numb3rs is struggling, and CBS has already decided to order additional Flashpoint episodes which will probably take over.

NBC came in a distant second with Muppets Christmas: Letters To Santa (1.1), Dateline (1.5), and The Jay Leno Show (1.4) which almost got double Dollhouse (I know, that's just sad).

ABC came close to NBC with Dreams Come True (.9), Ugly Betty (1.2), and 20/20 (1.6).


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