Friday, December 4, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 12/03/09 - FlashForward continues to sink

Updated with final numbers.

Other than the FlashForward numbers, these are not the final, so they may be .1 or .2 off. When the numbers do come out, I'll update this post.

ABC tied with CBS for the night with new episodes of FlashForward (2.1), and a 2-hour Private Practice (3.2). The show has dropped all the way from a great 4.1 to a measly 2.1. The show is going on a long hiatus until March (check my earlier post for more info), so if ABC is going to do something drastic to save the show, there is still time.

CBS did very well with Survivor (3.9), and repeats of CSI (2.3), and The Mentalist (2.5). Granted it is going up against weaker competition, but The Mentalist is kicking ass. I'm hoping CBS will put the show after the Super Bowl to give it the boost it needs to go into the stratosphere.

Fox faired well with Bones (2.9), and a recovering Fringe (2.5). After some really low numbers, it appears Fringe is back on track. While it is still under performing, if it maintains these numbers, a renewal should be no problem.

NBC finished last with Community (2.2), Parks and Recreation (2.1), The Office (4.1), and 30 Rock (3.0). NBC is stable on Thursdays and hasn't changed much in weeks.


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