Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 1 Our First Day of School and Episode 2 Our Drunk Friend

I'm not going to make any premature judgment on the retooled Scrubs; there are so many things that can happen over the season, so I'll wait and see before making a conclusion based on the first few episodes. J.D. was still a huge part of the show and since he's not a regular anymore, he won't be able to carry the show in the future. This means the old cast, and especially the new cast has to fill in Zach Braff's considerably large shoes.

The main character Lucy played by Kerry Bishe will be in lieu of J.D. From the first two episodes, I'm not sure if she can take the reins of Scrubs. I was not impressed by her last night, and I think it was as much her acting as the writing. It seemed like she was a less spiffy, unfunny version of Elliot.

Jo, my favorite intern from last season, is now a regular, and continues to be antagonistic, but it looks like she'll have character development. She's ditched the fat guys, and turned to the older med student, Drew (Michael Mosley), who is also Dr. Cox's favorite student (not a good thing).

The new characters are rounded out with Cole (Dave Franco) a rich boy who feels entitled to everything. Currently he's a one trick pony that isn't funny, but let's hope he'll change and not be a less cool version of the Todd.

Luckily, Dr. Cox and Turk are still regulars which means we can rely on them for humor if the other parts aren't working out. The Janitor (Glenn Matthews?) was written out very well, leaving the day after J.D. left in a scene that perfectly represented the Janitor. Dr. Kelso following the passing of his much discussed and never seen wife Enid decided to teach a few classes, so we'll be seeing some of him.

I was disappointed Elliot was only in one scene, but I assume she'll show up more often. Apparently she and J.D. are married now, and is pregnant now, so the flashforward in the season 8 finale was mostly what happened.

If you haven't heard, we won't be seeing any Carla. Bill Lawrence couldn't figure out how to have a nurse at a medical school, so he offered Judy Reyes a recurring role, but she only wanted a full time job.

The story was pretty bland, but since it was a season premiere introducing many new characters, there really isn't much to talk or complain about. Lucy learned that drunks are drunks, J.D. and Turk got Jo/Denise to be close to someone.

I love Scrubs and I'll keep watching no matter what. Right now, I am cautiously optimistic where the show is going. More time should be given to the new characters to let them develop and then I think we'll get a better picture of what Scrubs [Med School] (I know, wtf) really is.

Score: 8.7/10


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uofibonehead said...

You mention that Dr Cox's wife Enid dies and I believe you mean Dr Kelso.

Also, you mention Carla's absence but what about Dr Cox's "wife"? She was a major player in the previous 8 seasons, hard to write them out without mention.

TV Obsessed said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

Christa Miller, the actress that plays Dr. Cox's ex-wife, Jordan, is now a regular on Cougar Town, so she probably doesn't have much time for guest spots. Since both Scrubs and Cougar Town are both on ABC, there is a better chance of that happening, and she is also the wife of Bill Lawrence.

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