Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Predictions For New Fall 2009-2010 TV Shows, part 3 (NBC)

NBC has a huge slate of new shows after their apparent failures of the last few years, and has filled the 10 PM slot with all Leno. NBC is clearly the weakest of the broadcast networks, and has to do a lot to get back to the top or even approach. Will it's new shows survive? Let's find out.


NBC has been playing promo after promo of this and we get the deal. Helicopter crashes, car crashes, Crash Bandicoot crashes. There is going to be a huge accident every episode and the paramedics rush in to save people risking there own lives in the process. While the premise gives chance that there will be some depth to the show, so far it looks like explosions and people screaming. I expect this to fall flat on its face. There are plenty of other shows with the same quality already out there and I don't think people care about a medical-action show. It's airing after Heroes whose fans aren't exactly the brightest when it comes to knowing what constitutes a good show so Trauma has a chance to take the reins of the sheeple and run with it.


Maura Tierney's medical condition pushed this to midseason, so all the buzz it was receiving might not be there. I haven't watched the film this is based off, but the premise seems great and the cast is fairly strong. Assuming it will stay in the 8 PM Wednesday slot, which doesn't have much going on other than American Idol. If it can pick up the people wanting scripted programming, this could succeed, but I really don't know what to expect. This is a wildcard for me.


We get it. Nurses are smarter, more caring, know more medicine, and better human beings than doctors. Didn't you already know that? Other than Michelle Trachtenberg doing her crying routine, this shows looks stupid. There is nothing that differentiates this from other nurse shows, so why watch? I know I won't and neither will most people. Expect a resounding failure here.

Day One

The description of the show was released months before we saw an actual preview, so we were wondering, is this Jericho, Lost, The 4400? Well it turns out that this is more NBC's answer to ABC's remake of V. It's an alien invasion story involving a group of residents at an apartment complex, put there specifically to save humanity. The preview was highly impressive and it actually looked better than Flash Forward to me. Later, there was some bad news. NBC executives seemed to be planning for failure, saying this might be a single-event deal, so it may be planned to last for a season or two. It has the 8 PM Monday midseason spot before Chuck, so the competition is heavy. I expect this to do fairly well, and get a renewal.


I already reviewed the pilot so there's not much else to say. I give some good info on the show so if you have to know more, check out my review. Community is leading off NBC's comedy block which doesn't get many viewers before The Office. Parks and Recreations is stupid (yes, I actually watched 4 episodes) and the ratings tanked as the season progressed. The show is after The Office so it should get a considerable lead-in, and since people that watch The Office like funny, they should enjoy Community too. It moves the 8 PM slot after the Olympics which worries me. Hopefully it will gain a sizable following by then that will continue to watch at a different time.

100 Questions

Dumb all around. It seems like NBC is trying to do some How I Met Your Mother deal, but whole marriage proposal thing is absurd and ludicrous. The promo wasn't funny and I'm not expecting the show to be funny. I expect this to be NBC's biggest failure.

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