Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 Best Television Related Websites

I know you must be wondering what sort of sites I like going on other than this one. I have over 10 sites that I visit daily for TV information, but I have singled out 5 sites that you can't miss.

5. Sci Fi Wire

Basically any show under the wide purview of "scifi" is covered on this site, so the shows include Medium and Ghost Whisperer which have scifi elements, but normally would not be considered with Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. This allows for a huge coverage in the number of shows. The site has lots of spoilers not on any site, and lots of interesting articles. I know you might be wondering why Sci Fi Wire instead of io9, but I have a simple reason: io9 has too much non-TV content.

4. TV Spoilers Center

I wouldn't necessarily classify this as a spoiler site, but more of a trailer site. It has the fastest updated promos and sneak peaks for next weeks' episodes. It's a nice site if you don't want to continuously scour Youtube and other video sites. The site may be in Spanish, but there's nothing to read anyways, just videos and photos.

3. TV by the Numbers

If you love reading about ratings like I do, TVBTN is the best site to do it. Not only does it have the overnights posted quickly, it also has great analysis of the numbers. I find the site has many great commentators which is always a pleasure to read. If you want to learn about TV ratings, this is the site to start. The guys running the blog read the comments and answer questions efficiently, and you can learn a lot just be reading the posts.

2. Spoiler TV

If you're  spoiler junkie like I am, you should be hanging around this site as often as possible. It has spoilers for every scripted show out there and is updated very often. The site has original exclusive content, and content from many different sources. It may be faster to go to the original sources, but for pure aggregation from a number of sites that would take you too long to access, this is the best site out there.

1. Television Without Pity

This site is by far the best television sites out there. It has extremely detailed recaps of many shows old, and new written by very good writers. Initially, I wanted this blog to be like TWoP with detailed recaps, but I stopped that idea when I realized it would take to long, so I turned to reviewing the episodes. They have some nice blogs that are always fun to read and provide up to date information on the TV world. Probably my favorite feature of the site is the photo galleries. They have a huge range of categories and provide substantial text to go along with the photos.


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