Monday, September 14, 2009

Review - True Blood Season 2 Episode 12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin

What the hell? To say I was disappointed is an understatement. After finishing the Maryann story about 25 minutes into the episode in a most anticlimactic fashion, we were treated to 30 minutes of an awkward amalgamation of essentially...nothing.

The Maryann story has by far been the weak link this season and it was glaring in the season finale. The writers could no longer play around with sex, so they did what they do best - play around. There was a random ostrich egg, more crazy people, and a manga-like conclusion ending with the visually engaging goring of Maryann. In the beginning of the season, Maryann was very interesting; we didn't know what she was or what she could do. People were doing weird things, but we didn't know why. We didn't learn anything new until past halfway and by then, her antics became boring. Hopefully next season gets better and doesn't try the 'Big Bad' thing a la Buffy. 

Eric was conspicuously absent other than the totally random scene where he played Yahtzee with the Queen of Louisiana. Jason blew out Egg's brains in disturbing fashion which should have an impact on next season. Sam is looking for his real parents, Jessica is now out killing people, and Hoyt grew some balls, and the people of Bon Temps are as stupid as ever. The only thing that piqued my interest was Bill being kidnapped at the end of the episode. Yes, I know he proposed to Sookie who almost said no, but it came across as so saccharine it reached a pathetic level.

The viewership has increased drastically this season, but I think season 1 was much better. I hope season 3 turns out better, and it seems Alan Ball is starting to deviate from the books significantly which I think is the best direction. Until next year...

Score: 8.0/10

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Sophia said...

I agree totally with this post.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with this comment

Anonymous said...

For more information on what's to come check out Alan Ball's recent interview. Some of it's is pretty straight forward other answers are just humorous and you have to realize he's not going to give it away.
I agree that the end was not at all up to the level that many of this previous season was up to. It dragged after Maryann was destroyed. Why he had Bill propose is beyond me....why? It just didn't seem to tie into anything and it's not even in any of the story lines of the books. She still has other love interests and they will be in the next season. Don't get that at all....I thought when she ran into the bathroom she would go back and tell him no but she was going to say yes after all the new feelings she has for Eric? What I think would have been interesting would have been her saying that after she drank Eric's blood she realised that she may feel strongly about Bill because of her drinking her blood when they first met and was now conflicted about her feelings....anyway, that's my thoughts on the ending.

Diggity Dave said...

I completely agree regarding Maryann. Things like that are supposed to wait til the end of the episode. After all her crap, I was expecting to see a lot more, but was let down. I actually liked Eggs, but I guess that will lead to a major plot line next season.

I was hoping for more storyline regarding Sookie's powers or past, and a cliffhanger regarding that would have been far more interesting than Bill being kidnapped.

Season 1 was far better, and I'm hoping Season 3 will be more like it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree about Buffy- Big Bads were great. And about season 1 being better than season 2. AND about Sam searching for his parents not being interesting. But I do agree, as much as I loved her and disagree with you, that Mary-Anne's ending was anticlimactic.

Anonymous said...

This is the review you link from LAT. Mini-recap, maybe.

If you are gonna pass your link around, how about having more substance. This is hardly worth the clik i made to get here.

TV Obsessed said...

There's nothing wrong with Buffy 'Big Bads,' in fact I love them, but in the context of True Blood, it doesn't work.

The point of my reviews aren't to recap, it's my opinion of the episode which include elements of a recap, but would not pass for one.

If you want to see real recaps, some of my earlier reviews were primarily recaps.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the majority of your conclusions. I was not a huge fan of Maryann; I liked her better when her role consumed a small portion of the air time. I think they should have spent more time in Dallas and was disappointed that Godric's character died so soon. I enjoy the vampire action/drama more so than the Maryann bs! I hope the 3rd season sticks with more of the Sookie, Bill, and Eric storyline. I enjoy the other characters as well but like the focus being on those three. I might take the advice of another and read the first two Harris books in the mean time, so I can still get my TB fix! Overall I enjoyed this season but think that season one was more exciting. I'm excited about season 3 and hope that the writers step it up a notch!!!

In regards to the negative comment-
If you are a TB fan like I, any chance to read and discuss the storylines is both interesting and thrilling. I enjoyed your recap and the ensuing comments. With the giant break between seasons 2 and 3 I'm gonna need something to keep me going, so keep it up!

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