Monday, August 24, 2009

Review - True Blood Season 2 Episode 10 New World in My View

In a shortened episode, there was still lots going on, possibly more than usual and kept a fast pace throughout the episode, never really letting up. This episode was a great setup to what will probably a collision of all the supernatural things.

The episode starts with possibly the most blatant foreshadowing I've ever seen. Sookie walks into Eric's room at the hotel where he is crying. She comes over and basically starts licking the blood off him. Things go a little further and then Sookie wakes up in a van going back to Bon Temps.

Sam and Andy get a call from Arlene to go to the bar and save her. When they arrive, either they were tricked or she got turned. I doesn't matter either ways because they want to sacrifice Sam to a "god," so they hide in the freezer. Meanwhile, Jason is gearing up for the battle, bringing a chainsaw and a nail gun to the bar. He gets into a hostage situation and manages to get Sam and Andy out. The black-eye Maryann followers renege on their agreement with Jason since they are crazy, and Sam lets himself become taken. Outside, Jason and Andy devise a hilarious plan to save Sam. Jason pretends to be the god, dressing up and shining lights on him. Sam tells Jason to fake smite him which Jason does. Sam turns into something leaving everyone bewildered.

Sookie and Bill go back to Bill's house where Hoyt and Jessica are trying to deal with Hoyt's mom. Eventually they get her to play an extremely violent Wii game. They also learn Maryann has taken over Sookie's house. Bill and Sookie go there and confront her, ending with Bill trying to bite her and getting poisoned. They run off to Lafayette's house to figure out what is going on. Sookie tries to look into Tara's mind, but sees nothing. After Bill glamors her, Sookie manages to get into her head and Tara is regular again.

Hoyt's mother starts yelling at Hoyt about Jessica who is losing it. She goes out of control and bites her. The last scene of the episode is probably the coolest ending of the whole series. You see Bill show up at the Queen of Louisiana's mansion in a leather jacket. He is let in and all we can see is her leg with blood dripping off it.

Score: 9.5/10


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