Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 1 Episode 6 Burnout

This week, the producers went for a little more emotion than normal, and still kept up the action and dialogue. This had by far a more adult feel to it though the visual effects looked childish. After my little rant last week about how weak the procedural part of the show was, I really don't care. If I want to watch a procedural, I'll watch Criminal Minds. That's why I'll gloss over the plot details and jump into the reviewable stuff.

The artifact of the week is the Spine of the Saracen. This crazy thing latches on to people's spines and uses their electrical charge to kill other people until the host is drained. Pete and Myka go to a site with charred bodies and find an old Warehouse agent. This leads them to another Warehouse agent, Rebecca Sinclair, who had been living in St. Louis after her partner (the body) went missing. As the team tracks down the artifact through a few more charred bodies, it actually latches onto Pete. There was no real danger as always (he is the main character and Joss Whedon isn't the creator), but I felt more tension than in the previous episodes. Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock did a great job in this episode conveying the emotions. In the end, Pete attaches cables to himself, hooks himself to the generator, and shocks himself. Pete survives and the artifact is destroyed.

There was an underlying story with Rebecca and her former partner, Jack. They were in love, but Jack loved the Warehouse more. Jack had sealed himself with the artifact to keep it from everyone else. There is a heartwarming scene in which they take Rebecca to Jack's room which is still preserved as Warehouse protocol, and finds an engagement ring. Rebecca gives a cryptic warning to Myka, saying that the Warehouse is like the spine, it will use her up.

There was lots of fun moments in which Claudia and Artie clashed over old vs. new and it looks like Claudia has the upperhand. She rigged a contraption that gives good Bones-esque holograms on bodies from just pictures and even clearer ones from the body. I would like to see an episode where Myka and Pete are in the Warehouse and Claudia is out doing something. There's nothing wrong with an episode where Claudia is out getting a drink or something, and she thinks she sees something Warehouse worthy and follows some clues. From the scenes in which Claudia talks to herself, there's plenty of laughs that can come from Claudia working by herself.

The artifact finding was still severely deficient and there was one instance that the clue was so obvious it was almost absurd Myka and Pete skipped it. There were plenty of plot holes, and the Spine wasn't fully explained, but like I've said, I don't care anymore. The producers don't read this blog and probably don't care what I think.

Score: 8.7/10


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