Monday, August 10, 2009

Review - True Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Timebomb

Wow, that was a wild episode with an explosive ending -- literally. This episode played up the social issues a lot almost to the point of excess as it was in our faces all the time though I think the writers were trying to make a point with this episode.

After Godric saves Sookie, he kills the begging Gabe and then Eric arrives. Godric tells Eric to take Sookie to leave and that he is staying behind. The lock down is starting so it will be difficult to get out. It turns out that Sarah had just used a paintball gun. He learns that the Fellowship of the Sun has Sookie capture, so Jason goes off after her. Eric and Sookie try to get away but are captured. Lorena, Bill's maker starts biting Barry the bellhop and so Bill saves him, bashing her over the head with a TV, managing to escape. He finds Hoyt and Jessica doing it and tells Hoyt to take Jessica back to Bon Temps. Bill shows up to the FotS church and Steve points a gun at Sookie. Jason shows up and somehow shoots Steve in the hand with the paintball gun, giving Bill the chance to save Sookie. Suddenly all these vampires enter the church and start killing people before being stopped by Godric who lets everyone leave.

The vampires, Sookie, and Jason end of at Godric's nest where Bill is being evasive. Jason has an awkward talk with Bill, apologizing and there are a bunch of other random conversations revolving around how Godric doesn't want to fight humans. The writers kept hitting us over the head with the idea that Godric wants vampires to change and be regular people, and wants people on both sides to be forgiving. Eventually, Lorena shows up looking for Bill where she and Sookie go head to head. It a pretty awesome scene that is fairly long and ends with Lorena trying to kill Sookie which Godric stops, and he kicks her out.

Back in Bon Temps, Sam is in deep trouble. He find Daphne in his freezer with her heart ripped out. The police question him and then lock him up. Andy Belflour tries to support Sam, but being durnk and seemingly crazy, he does little to help Sam's case. Meanwhile, we see Maryann with the heart cooking it. I can't believe how long they showed it, but at least it wasn't still beating. She actually cuts it into strips and throws it with other ingredients. Later, she had a soufflé which Tara and Eggs eat. They go into the black eyed state and start hitting each other.

Near the end of the episode, we see and unknown man walking toward the nest. In the end, it is revealed to be Luke who is looking a little puffy. He opens his jacket which is strapped with a bomb. He detonates it, and from the promo for next week, the whole place is destroyed.

Jessica and Hoyt continue to have sex problems. They start up again once at Bill's house, but Jessica starts bleeding. Apparently, her hymen regrows like the rest of her body with the super-healing. Who knows how other vampires deal with it? I'm sure this conversation with Bill will be awkward.

I like how this episode took the focus away from Maryann and focused on vampire culture. I like how Lorena was humanized and I actually felt sorry for her. Godric seems like a pacifist, and paid for it with the bomb. The humans were given a chance, but we they go wild once the nest is destroyed? There is one vampire in particular who seems opposed to Godric's compromises. I'm looking forward to see how the vampire story progresses, Maryann's, not so much.

Score: 9.8/10


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