Friday, August 28, 2009

Review - Leverage Season 2 Episode 7 The Two Live Crew Job

Just an amazing episode. Two teams with specialists battling over a painting. The possibilities are endless and this episode delivered on every level. This episode can certainly be considered the best episode of the series. This season hasn't been on par with season 1, but I was impressed with the writing. Not once did the writers miss a beat.

We got to see all the main characters and their counterparts go head to head. In my opinion, the funniest was Hardison versus Wil Wheaton. I laughed so much when they both stepped outside their vans, laptops in hand, with the Western music in the foreground. Parker had some hilarious scenes, stealing things, getting pick pocketed by the other guy, and pick pocketing back. Eliot fought was an Israeli woman which ended with them kissing. Each time they would change stances, the other would imagine what could happen, so they kept changing while the audience got to see them fight in their minds.

This season seems to be centering around Sophie and her finding out who she is not as just a name that can play a role, but a real person with an original personality that doesn't have to lie about everything. Sophie almost gets bombed in the beginning and as a ploy to draw her would be killer, they stage a funeral for. Seeing this really impacts her. In the last scene, Nate goes in for a kiss, but Sophie walks off not really sure about anything.


Songsblade said...

FYI - The moment between Eliot and the Israeli woman is a nod/homage to the asian movie,"Hero" with Jet Lee.

Firstdance said...

So does anyone have a name for the Israeli woman..she seems to have been left out of the credits to have had such a memorable role.

TV Obsessed said...

Noa Tishby. She'll be on the season premiere of NCIS next month.

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