Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Predictions For New Fall 2009-2010 TV Shows, part 2 (Fox)

After part 1 of my predictions, I will do the new scripted shows for Fox.


I did not watch the pilot nor do want to. Musicals, especially ones on TV aren't really my thing. Fox is definitely trying to draw the HSM crowd with this show, and it pulled huge numbers in the 18-49 category which is what advertisers look at. Their total numbers weren't as large, but it was still substantial. I suspect a lot of people watched just for the ingenuity of a one-hour musical each week. That being said, all the reviews that I've seen have seen say that the characters are unoriginal. It's hard to make a high school show without the typical archetypes. This show is really hit or miss. I can imagine the show doing well pulling slightly lower ratings than the pilot did for several weeks. It also airs after AI so it could become huge since the whole singing thing will continue for another hour. I can also envision the show falling flat on its back after the audience looks past the song and dance.

The Cleveland Show

I expect this show to do almost exactly the same as Family Guy. The show is based around Cleveland and there's not much more to say about it. It's pretty much the same show runners and weird characters.


I don't think this will do well. It's in the Friday deathslot and Fox doesn't have much going on in Friday's except for Dollhouse. The premise is a little bland and I really don't see how the show would succeed. There's Michael Strahan and CCH Pounder, but there's not much else going for the show.

Human Target

This is the show that has me the most confused. I understand how the concept would work in comic-book format, but I don't quite understand how it will work on a week to week basis. It looks like there will be lots of action and shooting. It's airing after American Idol, which boosted Fringe, a marginally good show, into the ratings stratosphere, so Fox definitely has high hopes. I like the cast of Human Target with Mark Valley, Jackie Earle Haley, and Chi McBride. After seeing Emerson Cod gone forever, it's nice to see Chi on another show so quick.

Past Life

I can almost guarantee (not that I'll bet on it) that this show will fail. The concept of the show sounds so stupid. Every week, some detectives will figure out the "past-lives" of their clients using different methods. It just sounds ludicrous and I will for sure not be touching this. The characters sound like the same reused ones we've been seeing forever e.g. troubled past, wracked with guilt and believer in supernatural things. There are a bunch of no-name actors. The one thing going for the show is that it is after the AI performance show which Fox is using as a jumpstart for all new shows. Now why couldn't Fox have done that with Dollhouse either this year or last year?

Sons of Tucson

Nestled between The Simpsons and Family Guy, I expect decent ratings. The idea for the show seems pretty interesting and Tyler Labine was excellent in Reaper. There's not much I can speculate on, but I think this show will work.

CBS has a solid lineup all around, but they canceled a few shows so they need to fill in those slots. They deviated from their usual crime shows so they are taking a slightly larger risk this year.

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