Monday, August 24, 2009

NBC's Community has potential to be a hit show

I really haven't heard too much about this show and I didn't quite care either. The name screamed boring to me, but I guess it's kind of like The Office; the name isn't impressive, but the show is. To be honest, I knew nothing about the show except that Joel McHale and Chevy Chase were in it. The instant I started watching it and realized the setting was at a community college, I thought of a the great, funny things that can happen on a campus.

The pilot begins immediately by stereotyping people at a community college, the dean actually listing the different kinds of archetypes while we are seen little clips of the main characters who fit the descriptions to a T. It seems like the dean is going to discredit this notion, but loses a flashcard so he ends his little speech there.

Jeff Winger(McHale) is a former lawyer has to go back to college since he was disbarred. Why? He didn't think it was pertinent enough to distinguish Columbia University from Colombia University. From his own admission, he has also never done any work in his life and thus he goes to one of the professors for help. Duncan (John Oliver) is one of his former clients who he saved from a drunk driving charge. There are some funny scenes between them with some interesting dialogue that proves that Jeff is a total ass without morals. I'm sure we'll see a different side to him later, but for now he really has no qualms about dishonorable behavior.

We got a nice introduction to all the characters at a Spanish study session. They all think Jeff is a Spanish tutor, but he only said that so he could meet Britta (Gillian Jacobs). When she learns he's lying, she is disgusted and kicks him out. Abed (Danny Pudi) plays an American-born Palestinian who talks a little too much. I was kind of disappointed he didn't have an accent which I think would make his ramblings much funnier.

There are a couple more characters ,but I don't want to go into more detail,  just wait until September 17 until premiere. I see endless opportunity for his show and will definitely stay watching.



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