Saturday, August 22, 2009

X-Files 3 a go? Reboot?

A few days ago, X-Files News reported that Gillian Anderson said at the Sarajevo Film Festival that X-Files 3 is coming by 2012. Now assuming that the rough translations are correct, there should be something going on behind the scenes. I know the second movie didn't do so well in the movie theaters, but if you look closely, Fox made decent money on the movie. The domestic gross was pathetic, but internationally, it made $68 million. Remember that IWTB was released the week after The Dark Knight and I'm guessing no one notice while this behemoth was still on screen. The budget for the movie was fairly low and I'm guessing advertising wasn't too much either.

So what do I want to see for the next XF film? I had no problem with IWTB, but I think wrapping up the alien story or at least advancing it would be the best option. There are loose ends everywhere, and some conclusion would be nice. The clock is ticking and I would hate to see our favorite heroes not do battle with the government and/or aliens one last time and be wasted on another standalone. Fox should give Chris Carter a bigger budget. We know what he can do with money, just watch Fight the Future. With more advanced technology, there can be much more. Just imagine the visual effects people can do today compared to 10 years ago.

There was also talk about doing a reboot à la Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. Just like there is no Buffy movie without Joss Whedon, there is no X-Files without Gillian, David, or Chris. There is no way in hell I would ever settle for some random people to come in and just put their ideas over something that worked fabulously for 9 years. The X-Files is just 15 years old, the actors are still viable, so why would they need to adapt? I'm sure there is an audience out there that won't settle for the pathetic Transformers and GI Joes out there. Chris Carter has proven himself to be able to write amazing scripts that can blend all the different emotions out there and create compelling stories that keep people engrossed.

I want to believe that there will be a third movie. Fans can continue to write letters and send emails to Fox, you will be heard. For now, we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


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