Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review - Leverage Season 2 Episode 4 The Fairy Godparents Job

Sorry for posting this so late but I feel really burned out lately. I've been spending way too much time typing these review as quite frankly I'm not sure what I'm going to do once the fall shows start. I'll probably stop recapping what happened and instead give a brief review of the episode and score it. I won't be recapping this episode today, but check back in tomorrow and I might have added a recap. For now, I have review.

Episode 4 was the most coherent episode so far. This is what exactly what Leverage was in season 1 and what it is supposed to be. The pacing was great and I felt the character focus on Sophie was maybe one of the best of the whole series. After her mystery boyfriend breaks up with her for not really knowing her (who can blame him?), she has a very personal moment, actually telling the truth, and completing the con in the process. Nate and Sophie is looking real good on the horizon.

The 2 FBI agents from last season Taggert and McSweeten were also back, so Parker and Hardison play along with their old role. McSweeten is hitting on Parker the whole time and she is just annoyed by him leading to some funny scenes with her (which scene with her isn't?) Hardison is a little jealous, but I don't think anything will happen in that department soon. There were some fun scenes with Eliot posing as the gym teacher and him fighting someone.

I had one weird observation, when Nate first introduced himself as the German principal, saying "My name is..." I thought he sounded almost exactly like Borat. I'm not sure if that was Timothy Hutton's intent, but I immediately thought Borat when I heard it.

Score: 9.5/10


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