Monday, August 17, 2009

Review - True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 I Will Rise Up

This episode is probably the last filler before the vampires collide with Maryann. Now filler isn't always a bad thing, especially not with True Blood. Even if nothing really happens, we can still expect some great scenes which we got.

The bomb detonates in Godric's nest killing some vampires and humans. Eric shields Sookie from the blast, but is hurt. Somehow, the manages to get Sookie to suck the silver out of his wounds in the process drinking some of his blood, forming a bond between them. What is it about Sookie that makes everyone so interested in her? She's an idiot. She can't think with any logic and never does anything useful. I'll let the Bill and Eric ponder why they like her so much, but in the meantime, seeing Sookie being stupid is just fun to watch. There was a lot of dialogue in the episode including a conversation between Sookie and Jason and the whole time, I was thinking who was more stupid. They also watch a hilarious debate between the Newlins and a vampire in which the Newlins breakdown and fight each other.

Back in Bon Temps, Hoyt brings Jessica to meet his mother. His mother of course is hateful towards everything and hates Jessica. Hoyt finally stops being a loser and tells her he isn't coming home. Maryann is acting weird again and Tara is totally fine with it. I used to like Tara, but now I absolutely hate her. She still has free will most of the time and even if she doesn't know Maryann is causing the blackouts, Maryann's behavior the rest of the time is still reprehensible. Maryann goes to the jail probably to kill Sam, but he turns in a fly and shows up at Andy Belflour's house. Lafayette was totally awesome this week, first confronting Tara and Eggs at Sam's bar and then going to Sookie house with Tara's mother and actually kidnapping Tara while she was under Maryann's influence. He also got into a little scrap with Eggs, but I was disappointed we didn't we Lafayette destroy Eggs.

Due to drinking Eric's blood, Sookie has a sexual fantasy with Eric with Lorena egging her on. Later, there is a meeting with with the PR vampire and Godric has to sign some papers saying he was responsible. I guess he was responsible since he admitted he turned himself over to the humans. There is a final scene in the end which was beautifully done. Godric is out on the rooftop waiting for sunrise so he could die. Eric is begging him not to while Sookie is watching. Eric may have seemed indifferent, but now she sees another side of him. Sookie then waits with Godric who explains how he doesn't care anymore. As the sun comes up, he starts smoldering, and then bursts in blue flames in a much cooler fashion than Bill did.

I liked the vampire arc with Godric. He was never designed to be a long term character and brought a whole new vampire angle to the show. Before there was Bill and then the rest of the bloodthirsty vampires. We got to see now vampires, more personalities, and a human side to even Eric.

The Maryann story is coming to a close soon, but I think it was the one thing that has been dragging down the entire season. In the beginning, it was creepy and weird, but after a while became became repetitive with no resolution. I liked the inclusion of Lafayette to the Maryann story and I hope he, Sam, and Andy do something about it next week.

Score: 9.3/10


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