Monday, August 31, 2009

Review - Mad Men Season 3 Episode 3 My Old Kentucky Home - "I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana."

This is a review of the latest episode of Mad Men, but mostly is for talking about how great Peggy was. There is no way anyone could not have laughed out loud when she said that. After her great rendition of Bye Bye Birdie last week, I'm not sure how you can love her and her lines. She also had another line, proclaiming, "I am so high." Elizabeth Moss has a brilliant delivery and it was just so funny to me. This marked the first time drugs were in the show, and it was great. I'm not sure how long this show will last, but I'd love to see some employees go to Woodstock and get into a total stupor over the harder drugs.

Roger and Jane's garden party was pretty much the normal fare with sexual innuendo and all, but the major revelation was Don telling off Roger for marrying off someone so young. Sally seems to be going down a dangerous path (as much as a little girl can). She steals $5 dollars from Gene who suspects Carla. Eventually Sally gives it back, but we all know something bad will happen. Joan and Greg's party is so awkward and the tension between all of them is just believable. It turns out that Greg won't be earning big bucks in the foreseeable future and we can just see the WTF? look in Joan's face.

I know there are some complaints that there isn't really a story this season compared to the earlier ones, but this is just the third episode and a lot can still happen. Even if there is nothing going on with Sterling Cooper, from Joan to Roger to the Drapers, and the Campbell's there is plenty to work with. This episode was the characters being thrown into interesting settings and seeing what happens. The show works like that and I'd be fine if there are more episodes like this.

Score: 10/10 (for Peggy)


Anonymous said...

Actually, in Season One, Don gets high with Midge and her friends. I believe it was the episode, Hobo Code. Don has several flash backs to his childhood. It's one of my favorite episodes ever!

TV Obsessed said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot Don's forays into beatnik culture.

Anonymous said...

Weren't there also people smoking up at Paul's party last season?

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