Saturday, August 29, 2009

Psych should stop the jabs at The Mentalist

After the season 4 premiere of Psych, I wrote Psych Vs. The Mentalist. In the 4th episode The Devil is in the Details... and the Upstairs Bedroom, which I will review tomorrow, Shawn once again mentions The Mentalist, saying that Simon Baker, the star of The Mentalist will be on Carson Daly. Now it was all good and dandy the first time it was mentioned in season 3, it was a little fun in the season premiere, but now, what are the writers really trying to accomplish?

It's not cute or amusing. The writers are so fixated on this one subject that they have to reference it several times. They're mad they haven't been nominated for an Emmy. I get it. They feel like The Mentalist ripped off Psych which in my earlier post isn't a fair judgment, and are put off by the commercial success. But they need to get over it. They are professionals and should write to please the fans. The Mentalist references aren't even that funny, and other than themselves, whose benefit are they writing them for?

Let's face it. Simon Baker is a better actor than anyone on Psych. He was great on The Guardian and even better in The Mentalist. He can act serious and funny as well as anyone, and the first season ratings of The Mentalist showed it. He single-handedly carried the inaugural season to a resounding victory. 

While the first couple times it may be okay to say something about The Mentalist, the third time seems like sour grapes, and if there is a fourth time, I will begin to question the intentions of the producers. Are they so egotistical that their priority is to prove to the world that the fake psychic was their idea first? If so, do we continue watching?


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