Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review - Psych Season 4 Episode 1 Extradition: British Columbia

I have no clue why Psych came back so late compared to the other seasons, but it's finally here and our favorite psychic detective is back in action. This week, Shawn and Gus take a skiing trip to Canada and Shawn recognizes an art thief, Pierre Despereaux that Lassiter had been after for years. Juliet comes along and thus Shawn begins the hunt for the art thief that can't be caught.

There is a funny scene in the beginning where Shawn and Gus try to follow Pierre on the ski slopes and fail miserably. At the Canadian RCMP station, they meet Ed, who is immediately impressed by Shawn. The thief has already struck, stealing a necklace. They meet Lassie and Jules there and find Pierre on the roof who jumps off, leaving only Shawn and Gus as the witnesses who no one really believes. They later meet Despereaux at a restaurant they had reservations at, and he writes down exactly what he's going to do the next day. Shawn has a "vision" about a Manet being stolen and everyone goes to stake out the only one in the vicinity, but it is stolen right under their noses.

After Gus figures out that Shawn had planned everything for him and Abigail, but she had a scheduling change, and he kicks Shawn out of the carriage. Shawn finds Despereaux's hotel room where they talk and Despereaux lets Shawn leave. The next morning, Lassiter and Juliet go to where they think Despereaux will land his plane, but Shawn thinks otherwise. He finds what Despereaux will be stealing next, he, Gus, and Ed try to steal it themselves. The police show up and arrest them, but the item was still stolen. Shawn's dad makes a brief appearance bailing them out. Later, Shawn figures out that it wasn't art thievery at all, but just insurance fraud. The police are waiting and Desperaux is caught. In the final scene, Shawn takes Juliet to a bridge where he was planning on taking Abigail. They talk and both say things won't be awkward between them and it is purely platonic. As Jules walks away, Shawn says to himself "But how?"

I was kind of disappointed it was a master criminal in the end, but the whole episode I was thinking insurance fraud so it wasn't too much of a surprise. The episode seemed anticlimactic and it seemed like Shawn was given way too many chances. Nonetheless, the episode was funny and as this is a comedy first and foremost, it was a good episode.

Score: 9/10

Since the show took a shot at The Mentalist, I will have a post named Psych vs. The Mentalist later. Stay tuned.


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