Monday, August 10, 2009

Review - Defying Gravity Season 1 Episode 3 Threshold

I'll keep this review brief since essentially, nothing happened. I don't know if I'm going to continue watching, but I have lots of time. The plot was weak and advanced nothing. After the horrendous ratings it pulled last night, I'm thinking ABC might actually drop it in a couple weeks though I'm hoping there are major changes before that (highly unlikely).

There is lots of zero-gravity puking by Paula and flashbacks at a strip club with the astronauts testing the HALOS by seeing who can get an erection under the hormone inhibitors. It is disturbing and pointless. When the absurdity of the show couldn't be any higher, the writers just had to throw that one in. Oh yeah, did I mention that Paula in her bra is what did it for Ajay? To make matters worse, Shaw is unresponsive after going into pod 4, prompting Jen Crane to talk to him, in the process, showing in a flashback, that they had sex before. Donner and Zoe also talked about Donner's rule about not dating astronauts and they both agree to it. There is something wrong with the lander, and mission control fixes it without telling Donner and Zoe which was the main spaceship thing this week. Ajay is denied access to the space center and is sad about it. Yep, that's as deep as it gets. The episode was attempting to teach us something about doors with Donner's voice over, and Ajay doesn't want to open his door since he already packed everything.

We learned a little more about Beta. It changed everyone's euchromatic and heteromatic gene variations so they are exactly the same. This week the doctor is brought into the loop, but the audience doesn't learn much else. This reveal didn't do much since most people don't know what the hell the phrase meant, but the thing in pod 4 can change the genome and somehow get the people in mission control to do what it wants. What is its form of communication and what makes it so important? These questions are what keep me still interested.

I like the mystery behind the show and despise all else. The creators of the show made a grave mistake trying to make this a soap opera. They succeeded, and made a soap opera instead of a space opera and now we have Defying Gravity. What they should have done is get rid the melodrama, add a little more tension, spend more time on Beta, and get some writers that don't used the same hackneyed clich├ęs. That would be my hope for the show, but that's not going to happen as they've already filmed a bunch of episodes.

Score: 7.7/10


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