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Predictions For New Fall 2009-2010 TV Shows, part 5 (ABC)

This is the final part as I am not doing cable, so enjoy.

Flash Forward

ABC has been promoting this show like crazy and trying to make it seem like the next Lost. This show definitely has the most buzz out of the new shows, but the first episode will get huge ratings. I wouldn't be surprised if it got over a 4.5 for 18-49. The trailers look pretty good, but I'm not sure if the producers will be able to milk 6 seasons out of this like the producers of Lost did. People blackout out for 2 minutes 17 seconds (the trailers have ingrained that into my brain) and see 6 months into the future. People deal with what they see or didn't see. The problem I see is that 6 months is such a short time, that it would be weird if a couple seasons happened in that amount of time. Maybe the show will extend beyond the 6 months so we see if the visions are actually true. There's lots of directions to go in, so we shouldn't be too worried. Expect a renewal here.


I will probably be reviewing the show for, so check out my reviews there when the show starts in November. I'm a fan of the original miniseries, The Final Battle (the second miniseries), and I watched the original series which admittedly is pretty bad. Instead of the in your face Nazi allegory of the 80's, the remake seems to be focusing on faith and devotion. With a cast geared toward scifi fans (Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Laura Vandervoort), the show will gain a loyal following, but will the mainstream follow? Perhaps the show is too science fiction with the aliens and spaceships, but the trailers were simply epic. The trailer was the most amazing one if seen in years. I want to believe in a renewal, so I'll have to say this will be renewed.


Based on a film and book of almost the same name, this show features Rebecca Romijn as the main character. The trailers weren't very impressive and I don't like the concept at all. Maybe the show will get a high female demo, but other than that I will horrible ratings here and an early cancellation.

The Forgotten

This has been promoted a fair amount, but the response has been tepid at most. Jerry Bruckheimer has another crime drama and this time it's not about police or FBI!! Just a bunch of amateurs trying to do good in the world. I may be the only one slightly interested in this show. I was watching the trailer and didn't care much for it until they showed the part with the guy taking a picture inside a store. I'm not sure what, possibly the dialogue, but I became interested. I'm expecting so-so ratings, so it will be somewhere in the canceled to on the bubble area.

The Deep End

It's not scheduled for the fall, so I'm guessing there's no much confidence from the network. I haven't heard much about the show and the trailer was uninspiring. It's a little too early to make any judgments yet, but if I had to choose, I would go with cancellation.

Happy Town

Looks like a modern day Twin Peaks, so it should be interesting. The problem is that trailer was bland. I don't really see the appeal of the show except for Amy Acker who deserves to be the star of her own show. Hopefully the show is better than the trailer indicates, because this is heading for bad ratings.

Cougar Town

ABC trying to build a comedy block on Wednesdays, but will it succeed? Courteney Cox stars in this show about...cougars. Does that seem plainly self-indulgent to anyone? I thought the trailer was average and I'm not seeing lots of talk about the show. I don't think ABC's comedy Wednesdays will succeed and neither will this show. Verdict: Cancellation is on the horizon.


Kelsey Grammer is back in a comedy about a rich guy who loses it all. There seems to be a lot of bad reviews for the pilot, and the trailer wasn't too funny. Also a cancellation.

The Middle

There is one word to describe the trailer: annoying. Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn are big in the comedy TV world, but this was the best the producers could come up with? ABC's comedy block looks to be a failure with yet another cancellation here.

Modern Family

Out of ABC's new comedies, Modern Family has the best chance to survive. Critics love it and there is substantial buzz for the show. I've already reviewed the pilot, if you want to see my thoughts on it. I'm guessing this show will be on the bubble and will go either way.

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