Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ABC's Modern Family overhyped, still decent

This show was supposed to be pure genius, leaving people laughing hysterically throughout the pilot. While I wasn't guffawing the entire time, there were certain moments I found hilarious and I was amused through the whole episode.

Shot documentary style like The Office without a laugh track, the show follows 3 very different groups of people who are actually part of an extended family. There's the usual family with the goofball dad, normal mom, and 3 crazy kids, a gay couple who adopted a baby from Vietnam, and an old guy married to a much younger Latina with a child. Throw them together and you get a "modern" family.

I found Ty Burrell's Phil to be the funniest character and he made me laugh the most. He's the cool dad that is up to date with everything kids do. Hilarity ensues as his daughter invites a guy to hang out. My favorite moment was when Eric Stonestreet's Cameron who is married to Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Mitchell brings out the baby to the music of the Lion King.

A problem with the episode was the old guy Jay played by Ed O'Neil with the much younger wife, Gloria. The entire deal seemed more surreal than the rest of the show and I was confused about their relationship. I'm sure that will be dealt with quickly as we kind of jump right into the documentary without much background.
Personally, the premise isn't as funny as events at a community college (NBC's Community), but there are many storylines the show can have. There are plenty of social issues the show can touch on, and the pilot briefly had a few moments with the gay couple.

I have a lot of shows to watch, so I'm not sure if I can fit Modern Family in there. I'd like to see more of the show and maybe I'll have a sudden revelation how good the show is and burst out laughing whenever I see this. My Wednesday's look pretty empty with just Criminal Minds (I refuse to watch Glee), so we'll see.

Score: 9.4/10


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