Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review - House Season 6 Episode 1 Broken

That certainly was an interesting episode. This is by far the greatest deviation from the normal format and I was really surprised only 2 regulars were seen (Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard). In terms of production, acting, and writing, the episode was amazing. Hugh Laurie was unbelievable through the twists and turns of a mental institution. There was no medical case other than some random music box stuff which I found pretty stupid and unnecessary. There has to be better ways to show House being helpful. Other than that, the episode was very multifaceted, touching on House, the patients, and the guy who runs the hospital.

The opening was highly impressive and there were no credits which according to Wikipedia hasn't happened since season 3. I though the episode dragged on a little too long and could have done better condensed into and hour and a half. An hour wouldn't do justice, but 2 hours was a little too much. After a while, I just wanted House to run off. Screw character development!

The funny thing is that the 2 hour episode was designed specifically to give House growth as a person which included interpersonal relationships. We know this is heading down the path of Huddy as much as some people would like to disbelieve. He meets Lydia, sister-in-law to a deaf patient. They connect over music initially and growth pretty close. Eventually House sleeps with her. Almost immediately after, she moves away after her sister-in-law is cured by House. Talk about a double-edged sword. House is pretty upset about it, he probably never got upset when the hookers left, so he shows he actually cared for someone which is almost unprecedented.

House's rapping roommate Alvie was awesome. I don't know if it was his manic condition, but could you not love him? His optimism and exuberance shone through the dregs on the blue tinted hospital. His rebellion against authority compounded with helping House and then hating House for giving in was hilarious. It would be cool to see Alvie in Princeton-Plainsburo someday and we'll see whether his personality is when he's regular. There's this crazy guy Steve who thinks he's a superhero. House tries to help him realize his dreams, but Steve ends up jumping off a parking structure. House feels bad about this when he normally would not which is another sign he's changing.

Dr. Nolan is House nemesis who turns into a friend. Initially, House tries to go to easy way out with blackmail and causing general mayhem, but Nolan knows House like the back off his hand. House can't do anything other than to play ball which he eventually does. They have some nice conversations which reveals a little about both of them.

Notice how in the beginning I never indicated whether or not I thought the episode in its entirety was good. As an episode of 'House,' I didn't particularly like it. It just was not my cup of tea. I like House for the fast-paced medical mystery and House's interactions with everyone. For a one time deal, the episode was certainly good, but I would not want to see. I like how the show always maintains a sense of normalcy from episode to episode, and while House did show significant growth in this episode, there was a surreal nature to it which made it feel weird.

Score: 9.0/10


wendianne said...

Im traumatized by house's apparent significant growth., house is an ASS thats why we love him., and how can people be against huddy? i mean destiny is destiny., i also over all was not too pleased with the episode as an episode of house., i really thot wed be back at the hospital by the second half., i cant believe there was no cuddy or anybody besides 30 secs of wilson., i personally was not too impressed., but i am glad hes no longer hallucinating and maybe he needs to get happy to hook it for real with cuddy.,. but would he still be HOUSE?!?! is this the last season?

TV Obsessed said...

Yeah, I always think the shipping wars are stupid unless there is an actual love triangle. I'd say most of the anti-Huddy's are Hamerons who make little sense. It's kind of like Sheldon/Penny people for The Big Bang Theory.

Shane said...

Screw Huddy, screw Hameron. Screw this "growth." They could have made him not depressed without turning him into a happy cheeseball (relative to his previous persona). They also paint a tainted picture about psychotropic meds as well as the whole dynamic/feel of a psych ward. And on one WANTS Haldol (the guy faking the head pains).

I still liked the episode because of the amazing acting and generally good writing. I just wish they didn't go so far with the plot into cheese territory.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, mixed feelings about this one. I definitely agree that it was too cheesey in many ways - having spent some time myself in a psychiatric hospital in Britain as a teenager, I found that some things were pretty bang on - like the strong bonds that form between quirky, vulnerable patients - but the level of care and commitment by the staff was sadly way over the top compared to reality, plus the blurring of boundaries between psychiatrists (doctors, advocates of drug therapies) and psychologists (talking therapy). Also, the outcome of course! All these happy shiny people (including House) getting all better and being "re-birthed" with a cake and a cheer!! What rubbish! That all spoiled it a bit for me, but still, Hugh was AMAZING and I loved his relationship with Nolan and Franka Potenta too. It some places it did seem unbearably corny - but in others, unbearably beautifully crafted (and fab soundtrack). So many questions though - did House REALLY suddenly have a complete change of personality, integrate fabulously well with the other patients and undergo change? Hm, I doubt it and I really hope not. House needs to keep his edge and his defensiveness or there's nothing special about him. I'm really intrigued as to how he will interact with Cuddy and Wilson back at work and if he can resist Vicodin. What is left for House? It would be great if he could find some love in his life - but it would have to go disastrously wrong - of course.

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