Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review - NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 Episode 2 The Only Easy Day

I'm only going to do a cursory review of this episode since I probably won't be reviewing NCIS: LA next week and I might not even watch it. For someone who has never watched NCIS, this show is fine, but why would someone spend an extra hour when there is a much better show that airs before?

Linda Hunt's character Hetty didn't really grab my attention this week, but this week I think she became my favorite character about of a pretty boring group. There were some awful clich├ęs, but for the most part, I was amused by her and wanted to see more of her. The only problem is that she's supposed to be in charge of the whole operation yet we never see her give out any orders.

The episode was all about SEALs which Agent Hanna was part of. The whole time, I couldn't get a few things out of my head. LL Cool J as a SEAL is ludicrous, this isn't as funny as NCIS, and why this show is different from NCIS. There seems to be more autonomy by the field agents, but other than that, the crimes are of the same nature - naval - and they get solved by a shootout and never in a courtroom.

I watch a lot of television, much more than most people, and I could continue to watch NCIS: LA if I wanted to, but there isn't much that would pull me back. Other than the location, cool cars, and gadgets, there hardly seems to be anything dramatically different than NCIS other than that is worse at doing the same things. When the show was first pitched, the team was going to do primarily undercover work. So far we have seen none of that, but unless there is an arc that everyone is raving about, I don't think I'll do anymore reviews.

Score: 8.3/10


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