Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Warehouse 13 ends first season on high note - S01E12 Review

Definitely the best episode to date. After a season of working out the kinks, the finale delivered and gave us an hour of fun with a few twists mixed in. We finally learned what MacPherson did that was so bad. He used a phoenix ring that makes people invulnerable to fire to save his wife. There is one small drawback, it immolates other people, so he ended up killing people.

So now MacPherson is out to cause trouble. The plot is fairly simple; MacPherson is selling artifacts, and he must be stopped. This was all under the backdrop of suspicion. Somehow MacPherson had artifacts supposedly in the Warehouse, so there may be a mole in the Warehouse. We meet MacPherson's wife who seems to think MacPherson is a good person. I think the writers tried to bring in moral questions about the Warehouse and it's practices, and I may be mistaken, but they failed if they tried.

There are hints through the episode about who the mole was. Claudia was the most obvious choice, being dangled out there with overwhelming evidence. After seeing a picture of MacPherson, she realizes he was her brother's professor and had helped her break into the Warehouse. Mrs. Frederick and Leena suspect there might be something sinister behind that which makes Claudia very upset.

Myka, Pete, and Artie capture MacPherson after a cool use of artifacts and bring him back to the Warehouse to be bronzed. MacPherson is literally frozen like in Star Wars. Apparently the Bronze area is for super evil people that haven't reached Hitler level yet. Once again, I was pissed off by the fact that Stalin killed double the number of Hitler which Mao starved four times the number of Hitler, yet Hitler always gets mentioned first. Stalin singled out Ukrainians, so what's the big deal?

Someone lets MacPherson out (no it wasn't Leia), and lo and's Leena! She's always been the weird one, so it's not that surprising. The whole episode, I was wondering whether it really could be Claudia. She was much too obvious a choice, but then again, the simplicity of the show lends to her guilt. As MacPherson leaves, Artie gives chase, but MacPherson blows up the white thing leading into the Warehouse. I'm guessing Artie has an artifact that kept him alive, but nonetheless the cliffhanger was really fun.

The episode was paced nicely and Pete had some really funny lines. The use of surveillance cameras and body changing artifacts gave a nice undertone of distrust. With a renewal, Warehouse 13 is turning out to be a great show. I know I've had my share of complaints, but I waded through them, kept watching, and I'm not that concerned about this show anymore. Not everything has to make sense.

Score: 9.4/10


Anonymous said...

It was actually Season S01E13. :)

Nice review though. And I loved this final episode!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad -- you're right. It was S01E12. Sorry about that!

TV Obsessed said...

You must have downloaded the episode. The scene release group counted the pilot as episode 1 and 2.

ankmorpork said...

Loved this episode, had a few kinks about W13 when it started but it has grown on me now and excellent final episode... nice sweet cliffhanger.

I did like the nice star wars tribute as well in this episode... So, what am I gonna watch now then? hmm when is Dollhouse starting airing again...

TV Obsessed said...

Dollhouse starts tomorrow at 9.

ankmorpork said...

ohhh thanks dude. ok, then my tv watching for the fall is sorted at least :)

TV Obsessed said...

If you want more scifi, there's Fringe, Stargate Universe, and Sanctuary.

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