Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 9/28/09

Holy crap!! First I have to go over CBS's ratings. The Big Bang Theory gained from last week getting an insane 5.3. Yes, that's right, 5.3!! The rest of the CBS shows did well. Two and a Half got 4.8, How I Met Your Mother got 3.6, and CSI: Miami got 4.1. All in all, a good night for CBS.

Fox did well riding the coattails of a 5.7 by House to victory. Lie to Me had its season premiere with 2.9 which is a huge drop off from House. 2.9 is good, but that almost a 50% drop which is worrying.

ABC did well with Dancing With the Stars (3.7). Castle once again did not do well and got 2.3. I think it's time to worry. The writing continues to disappoint while the acting is great. The show just feels too cuddly.

NBC continued to suck with Heroes getting a measly 2.5 and Trauma debuted with 2.2. Given NBC's low standards, there's a chance both could be renewed, but I wouldn't bank on that. The Jay Leno shows is still steady with 1.7. The numbers haven't dropped that much since last week, so NBC must be feeling pretty good.


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