Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Tuesday 9/22/09

More premieres and more big numbers. Here's the rundown.

NCIS placed huge numbers with 4.6 and almost 20 million viewers. Yes it skews old, but who cares? NCIS: Los Angeles got big numbers retain a high percentage of NCIS's audience getting 4.3. The Good Wife also opened strongly with 3.1 though I wish it could be a little higher.

Dancing With the Stars had a 3.5, low for its standards. The Forgotten got higher than I expected with 2.5, higher than Castle. After the suckage of the pilot, I sure the numbers with drop fast.

Melrose Place continued to do badly even by CW standards with 0.8. The bells of death are tolling.

The Jay Leno Show posted gains from Monday with 2.4 with a good lead-in with The Biggest Loser which got 3.1


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