Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Tuesday 9/29/09

CBS must be feeling good about themselves. They completely dominated the night with the trio of NCIS (4.8), NCIS: Los Angeles (4.1), and The Good Wife (3.2). All 3 look to be set for renewals. The Good Wife actually went up from last week, so we shouldn't be worried.

NBC did the next best with Biggest Loser averaging 3.6. The Jay Leno Show had 2.3 which was surprisingly high. We shouldn't be making too big a deal out of these numbers unless it goes under 1.5 consistently or if it keeps these numbers into next year.

ABC definitely didn't see this coming. Shark Tank continued to suck with 1.5, Dancing With the Stars continued to underperform with only 2.6, and The Forgotten dropped with 2.0. My prediction was right. The Forgotten went under Castle which should keep it safe for a while.


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