Thursday, October 1, 2009

ABC's Hank a massive bore

Hank is the worst new show this season. Yes, worse than mercy and Trauma. The jokes kept coming, but they were simply not funny. I have a question: if a joke is not funny, is it a joke? About 2 minutes 20 seconds in, I was ready to stop watching, but continued for the sake of reviewing. This was after a horrible and stupid Yoda impression by Hank's hyper kid.
The premise may have been workable; Hank is a rich guy who lost it all and has to move back to his hometown. Hank was to learn about his family which is really weird. His son runs around doing Yoda impressions and his daughter talks on her cellphone. Then the hilarity ensues, except it doesn't. The show roams aimlessly from one random situation to another, each as unfunny as the next.
The casting was questionable. None of the character's, including Kelsey Grammer were particularly funny. They tried, but given the material, I'm not sure they could have done better. With other good comedies on ABC the same night, I'm not going to touch this again.
Score: 5.0/10


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