Friday, October 23, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 6 Football, Feminism and You

Clearly Community is still trying to find its footing. Last night was another weak episode that wasn't very funny. It seemed much too focused on the story which wasn't that great either than having a funny episode.

Annie has a huge crush on Troy, but Jeff ruins it all. He sees his face on a poster advertising for Greendale College, so he talks to Dean Pelton who tells him to get Troy on the football team and he'll take Jeff off the poster. He manipulates Troy to join the team, Annie gets mad at him, Annie realizes she's being selfish, and then everyone is happy. The big thing in the episode was a chance for a future relationship for Annie and Jeff. There was word today that they may be kissing, and while Britta is obviously Jeff's soulmate as sitcoms go, there is always roadblocks in the middle, and Annie could be one of them.

Jeff and Troy make a great combo and their conversation at the football field was the best part of the episode. 

Britta is trying to bond with Shirley over going to the bathroom and it doesn't work at first. Then Shirley teaches Britta what to do and Britta comforts Annie in the restroom. Yawn...

Pierce is designing the school mascot which is supposed to be non-ethnic. Dean Pelton joins in and lots of funny stuff going on. They eventually come up with a disturbing alien looking creature for the team, The Human Beings.

Something is missing from Community. There's jokes, there's story, but there's no cohesion. Things happen, but in the end, it never comes together. The stories don't intersect or relate to each other in anyway. There are such distinct stories in each episode that we could jumble them up and still come up with something watchable but not great.

Score: 8.5/10


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