Friday, October 30, 2009

Review - Community Season 1 Episode 7 Introduction to Statistics

It was nice to see Community rebound after several not so good episodes. Using the Halloween theme, the writers effectively incorporated the characters and holiday to create a hilarious episode.

Abed stole the show, taking the route of Christian's Bale's Batman, with the gravely, absurd voice. I loved the last few minutes when Abed saves Jeff and Pierce to a score complete with the overindulgent percussion in the vein of Hans Zimmer. Then he gives a monologue about saving parties. But wait, it's Abed! Abed has this weird perception of reality. He can be normal, and can be reined in if he goes to far, but often times, he doesn't know where the limit is, and goes to far. In this circumstance, he played his character to the fullest and it worked nicely.

Jeff chasing women is continuing to be confusing and stupid. Supposedly he can get lots of girls, but according to him, he hasn't in months. I don't get his fixation with Britta either, and I'm not sure there are any good ways to fix this problem. I did like his interplay with Senor Change as they simultaneously worked together and opposed each other.

There was lots of good stuff going on with Shirley, Annie, and even Pierce. I didn't spot any weak spots, and I hope this is the kind of episode we could get every week.

Score: 9.3/10


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