Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) The Bicycle Thief

Whereas the concept of Community is great, but the execution is spotty, the concept of Modern Family is nothing new while the execution is flat out brilliant. I found myself laughing consonantly at the clever writing backed up by the excellent acting from everyone. Out of the new comedies this season, Modern Family outclasses all in terms of writing.

We learned how each family goes about parenting in this episode. Jay (the old guy played by Ed O'Neil) and Manny are putting together a fan before Manny's real dad gets there to bring him to Disneyland. Throughout the episode, Manny keeps describing all the amazing things his real dad does. Jay surprisingly is a good dad and doesn't ruin his world by revealing the truth: his real dad is a flake. Furthermore, when Manny's dad is supposed to arrive, he doesn't. Jay saves the day by using the limo intended for him and Sofia to take Manny to Disneyland. In the end, Manny goes to Disneyland and thinks his real dad set up the limo ride.

Phil tries to teach his son about responsibility and it goes terribly wrong. He buys his son a bike who rides it down the street. Later, Phil finds an identical bike on the side of the sidewalk unchained and pretends to steal it to teach a lesson. Later, he sees his new, hot neighbor played by Brandy Ledford who needs his help fixing something in her bedroom comes back home and learns his son's bike is still there. He leaves the bike outside where it gets stolen for real. When he comes back home, he learns his son still has the bike. His neighbor comes by the house and says her neighbor took it to safeguard which of course angers Phil's wife Claire. The matter is concluded when Phil brings the bike back to where he found it and ends up being chased off my some kids.

The gay couple also get into trouble in an equally funny situation. They take their newly adopted Vietnamese baby to a baby playdate. Cameron has to tone himself down and Mitchell is struggling with the fact that Lilly is a little slow in development. Then the other gay couple comes in.

There is a wonderful balance between all the families that shows something about each of them. They were kept separate this week, but I'm really looking forward to the next time the families get together.

Score: 8.8/10


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