Friday, September 18, 2009

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 2 Good God, Y'All!

After last week's season premiere Sympathy for the Devil it would be near impossible to top that effort, but second episode attempts and comes fairly close a cool story and great character development. This episode brought back some of our old friends: the Harvelles Jo and Ellen, and Rufus.

As a fan of Jo, I was disappointed once again with the way the writers treated Jo, giving her few important lines, and delegating her to throwing holy water and fighting. They didn't give her a proper sendoff again, and had about 2 words with Dean. I kept expecting her to show up at the very end to talk with Dean, but with 5 seconds left, I gave up hope.

I had to get that off my chest first since the Roadhouse/Jo was one of the few big problems of the show. The way the town looked was chilling, and that feeling carried throughout the episode. There were no demons in the town. Instead, War, one of the four horsemen was there to cause trouble. His red horse? A red Mustang of course. How awesome is that?

Literally, it felt like a small town war. Part of the town was hunkered down in one house and part of the town was in another house. I loved the use of the first person shots to show how people were viewing others with black eyes. War was simply devilish (ok, wrong word), and he kind of just disappeared, so I'm hoping he comes back.

Castiel has less powers now and can't even heal Bobby which is a shame. Maybe Castiel can find God, maybe he can't. If God was the one who saved Dean and Sam, and revived Castiel, why isn't he helping? I hope there is a good answer to this, and not some lame cop out. Misha Collins does a superb job portraying Castiel who I think has some of the best lines.

At the end of the episode, Sam leaves to go do his own thing after realizing Dean will never trust him again. It's clear Dean doesn't really want him to go, but he knows he can't trust Sam and Sam can't even trust himself. Hopefully Sam doesn't go off the deep end while he's alone, but without any guidance his demon problem could rear its ugly head again. This is what I like show much about the show. The situations however otherwordly they are, always have a human element. The brother's relationship is organic and natural unlike some other genre shows (I'm looking at you Heroes), and it will be a pleasure seeing how they mend their clearly broken relationship.

Score: 9.2/10


Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. I agree that it would be tough to top the season premier. But I loved the four horsemen angle with the red mustang and War and the "no real demons" bit.

The biggest thing I can say about season 5 so far is that it's great that they're putting the music back. That was such a great part of the show and I'm glad they're getting back to what made the show great to begin with.

-Casey Shultz
SciFi Surplus

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