Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review - House Season 6 Episode 2 Epic Fail

Somehow this episode managed to incorporate many things I hate: heavy amounts of Foreteen, single scenes with Cameron and Chase, and horrible medical stories. The episode would have gone off a cliff if not for the timely save by House. Without the scenes with House who still has considerable snark, I'm afraid I would have despised this episode.

 Foreman is by far my least favorite character and let's face it, the character just sucks. There's no depth and he's plain annoying. 13 is like that as well and together, the synergy just screams "No more!!" With Jennifer Morrison departing sometime in the near future, we'll see less of Cameron, but only a little. She's hardly on the show and has played a significant role in only 2/3 episodes. The same goes for Chase who is my favorite about of the 3 original team members. I don't see why they are even considered regulars if they aren't going to do anything. Taub is leaving and he is enjoyable to watch occasionally, but I'm sure he'll be back soon. Thirteen is was also fired, but she too will most likely be back.

The medical case was exceedingly stupid. The virtual reality game was idiotic and it was painful to watch 13 and Taub play it. The patient was stupid and the team needed House to bail them out though they were oblivious to this. There was a point when I gave up and stopped paying attention to the medical part.

I like the slow development of House coming out of the psych ward and trying to reintegrate himself. He tries to replace Vicodin with cooking which works well for a while and made me hungry, but his leg continues to hurt. Is he using again? Wilson and Huddy confront him leading to a hilarious scene. There was slight Huddy advancement with Cuddy appealing for House to come back - right in his kitchen.

One small gripe I had, and I have this for many shows is the Chinese. I understand Chinese and whenever I hear it on TV  not from a native speaker, it sounds like gibberish. I know, it's different, it's exotic, but get it right!

Dr. Nolan thankfully was back and hopefully will pop up in every episode. House solves the teams case online and his leg doesn't hurt anymore. Nolan posits that House not being in a hospital is worse than the alternative. The show doesn't work without House, but Hugh Laurie will live forever, right? Will House be permanently changed? I'll hold out hope here and say that I believe the writers will take a huge leap and not make the latest change temporary. After spending a whole 2-hour season premiere on changing, there has to be some real change.

Score: 8.1/10


ankmorpork said...

I love House and the writers have always done good but this episode was crap, it lacked a lot of the normal House drama (well...), and ok, I guess they have to get House back gradually but so far House/Wilson and Cuddy are the only characters that I could care about. So I totally agree with you, Foreman is a total waste of space for this show, a bland character so I hope they will kill him off soon. But let's see if they can get better for next episode.

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