Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 9/21/09

Huge day for TV ratings. Lots of returning shows and a limited number of viewers to court.

House was the big winner pulling in an average 6.6 (!!) for the 2 hours. That's way more than the last season started and creamed all competition.

The CBS comedies did well though they were down from last year. How I Met Your Mother had 3.5, the new comedy Accidentally on Purpose got 3.2, and Two and a Half Men got 4.4. The big CBS story of the night was The Big Bang Theory which in the new timeslot got 4.6 which matches the series high. CSI: Miami  returned with a good 4.3, down slightly from last year.

Dancing with the Stars came back shockingly low with a 4.1 average over the 2 hours. This translated into worse ratings for Castle which had a pretty disappointing 2.3. There's something about the show that skews it older. It's not flashy, it's not edgy like CSI: Miami.

Last but not least (ok, it this case it was) is Heroes. People are starting to give up on the show and the episode got 2.7, lower than the season 3 finale. If it has the same weekly ratings drop as the last season, expect a cancellation. The episodes are expensive to make and a 2.7 to start off with does not help.

Jay Leno continues his drop until stabilization getting 1.8. In the end, I expect him to hover around 1.2. 


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