Monday, September 7, 2009

Predictions For New Fall 2009-2010 TV Shows, part 4 (CBS)

CBS has a solid lineup all around, but they canceled a few shows so they need to fill in those slots. They deviated from their usual crime shows so they are taking a slightly larger risk this year.

NCIS: Los Angeles

This spin-off of the immensely popular crime procedural attempts to capture the same audience that brought the original to ratings success. Based on the 2 episodes of NCIS that featured the cast of the new show, I doubt it can come anywhere near the original, but with a few crossover characters, it will do just fine. I'm sure hardcore fans of NCIS like me will be a little disappointed, but I expect this to be a ratings success. It comes on right after NCIS, and the audience will have to be enticed by another NCIS, so almost all will stay and watch.

The Good Wife

Starring Julianna Margulies as a wife of a disgraced Congressman, I see huge potential for the show. It's a legal drama set with a large backdrop of a family drama. From the trailer, I really liked what I saw and I'll definitely be watching the first few episodes. It has the 10 PM slot after NCIS: LA so it should have a big lead-in. I don't expect this to bring NCIS like numbers, but I still expect respectable numbers that can bring a renewal. The thing to be the most worried about is CBS itself. Last season, it totally jumped the gun by canceling Eleventh Hour, a great show all around, just because it didn't have the right retention from CSI.

Three Rivers

We get it, everyone loves Alex O’Loughlin and Moonlight shouldn't have been canceled. That doesn't mean CBS can throw him onto the screen and expect the show to work. Organ donations? After the story about organ harvesting in New Jersey, it feels so macabre. I don't know how they will cajole people into giving up organs to save another without offending someone. Not every story will involve a dead person with viable organs, some organs will come from a dying person. I'm sure it can touch on ethical questions, but we don't see a show based on euthanasia. To make matters worse, CBS put it on Sunday; I'm sure The Unit fans will be pissed to see this. I expect a short life for this show.

Accidentally on Purpose

Jenna Elfman? Ok... The trailers I've seen don't look too great, but there's not much to say about the show. CBS has some pretty mediocre comedies do well in the ratings while ABC comedies that were much funnier like Scrubs and Better Off Ted did horrible. CBS is looking to expand their total dominance and another comedy can only contribute to it. My prediction: Not that funny, good ratings.

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