Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review - Southland Season 2 Episode 6 Maximum Deployment

Barring a certifiable miracle, this was the last episode of Southland, and it did not disappoint. For a series finale, "Maximum Deployment" wrapped up no ongoing storyline and seemed like just another episode, a fine way to go out considering the understated tone of the show.

"Maximum Deployment" refers to the entire police department coming out in force to catch a rapist impersonating a cop. Ben, John, and Chickie ride in one squad car, creating a hotbed of tension. Earlier, John had called Chickie a bad cop and wants her off the streets. John is taking all kinds of drugs to cope with his back pain, and while he's not Dewey yet, both Ben and Chickie recognize a problem. After lifting a car to save someone trapped underneath, John's back puts him out of commission. Chickie confronts Ben and tells him not to make the same mistake she did with Dewey by ignoring the problems. The episode ends with a nerve-wracking 3 minutes. I kept staring at the clock, knowing it would be the probably last scene of the series. Chickie sees the car the fake cop rapist had been using and calls it in. Then, alone, she takes out her gun and flashlight and pokes around, eventually confronting the rapist. By taking him down, she reaffirms, at least to herself, that she does belong on the street.

Russ is back in the office, and Lydia's new partner, Ray, is nowhere to be seen. The high turnover of new characters is kind of annoying, but it's the last episode, so I shouldn't be complaining. They solve a gruesome double homicide involving family members looking for money, but Russ isn't up to it. He has those physical ailments related to being shot, but he also may not have it mentally to cope with the situations he would face.

I've never been a fan of Sal or his family drama, so his idiotic daughter and family mess following the revelation he is cheating on his wife, Susan, made me more mad than anything else.

There are plenty of storylines to continue if TNT were to renew the show. It's a real shame NBC let the show go.

Score: 9.2/10
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