Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 1 Episode 12 Christopher Chance

The season finale pretty much went as expected and proved, once again, that the writers ran out ideas early on in the series. Every episode has hinted at Chance's dark past. We know he was in love with Katherine Walters and she died, but somehow set him free from his course of killing people. Somewhere along the way, he met up with Winston and Guerrero.

Katherine Walters, played by Amy Acker, another big name sci-fi actress, is a woman who overheard a little too much. Chance is sent to kill her, but sees that she's is innocent and decides to throw everything away and protect her. Winston is a detective who grudging helps Chance and Guerrero is also with the Old Man, but because of his good heart, leaves Chance alone. Baptiste is still the mean guy with a funny accent we see in the future.

It turns out that everything revolved around a book inside of a briefcase. After Baptiste detonated the boat, killing Katherine, the briefcase goes missing. Finally, all these years after, for no reason, the Old Man is looking for the book and hits their base. The episode ends with Chance going to help the Old Man, because they have Winston. Other than the cool twist of meeting the previous Christopher Chance, the episode went stodgily along. If the show comes back for a second season, I likely will not be watching.

Score: 8.4/10
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