Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 1 Episode 11 Victoria

Yawn... For a show that relies on action, "Victoria" was thin on story and action. The season finale is next week, so I'll finish out the season, but watching a second season (if there is one) is another question. There were several cool episodes in the beginning and I was at one time, actually excited for the next episode. Now I don't care, and looking back, should have rated the episodes lower.

This week was a generic story about a princess, Victoria, who met a nice paramedic, Tony, in New York. They can't be together due to Victoria's station, and her husband wants her dead. Chance saves her and takes her around New York to find a IRA terrorist who wanted to kill her in the past. Cliches, cliches, and more cliches later, Victoria and Tony meet up again for a cliched ending.

Score: 7.1/10
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