Saturday, January 2, 2010

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 6 Our New Girl-Bro

Scrubs will most likely be canceled, but if the season keeps moving in the right direction, at least the people involved in the show will have nothing to be ashamed of.

Elliot's return came in the episode after J.D. left, and together they would probably overshadow the new interns. While J.D. and his old (or new I guess) obnoxious personality didn't mesh well with his characterization in season 8 and the new characters, Elliot was different in a good way that made her the supporting character and not the central figure that was completely annoying.

Serving as Lucy's ad hoc mentor, Elliot showed how much she's changed since getting pregnant, and taught Lucy an important lesson at the same time -- taking care of yourself should be your first priority. I would have liked to see the process of Elliot changing, but we've seen her do it before, and as a testament to her character, she is mature enough to change without all the previous agony (as far as we know). Lucy is still young and floundering, and is the one in need of changing.

The departure of J.D. also forced Turk to find a new work buddy. I hoped Turk would come to the realization that J.D. as a work buddy is indispensable. Instead, he settled on Denise which is totally random, but out of the remaining characters, there isn't much choices. Still, his actions confused me. Do the writers want to make a new J.D. and Turk with Denise and Turk? Even though J.D. won't be around, why does Turk need a new friend?

Lucy and Cole remain the weak spots of the show. I laughed a few times at Lucy and I'm actually starting to like her a tiny bit. We were blessed with Zach Braff with 8 years and if the new lead is somewhat funny, I'll take it. She still has potential as a character and has several quirks that aren't bad. The horse fetish is so weird and comes out sporadically, so it's not overused and mildly funny.

Cole on the other hand is horrendously bad. Dave Franco is trying, but Cole is far more annoying than funny. There are plenty of funny and pompous characters out there, so it's possible to make Cole funny. The writers have made him into a one-note character who thinks he's great and tries to be funny. Last night, we see that Cole really wants to be a doctor and is willing to go to great lengths to become one, but it becomes another reason for him to brag.

The retooled show is now 6 episodes in and there is a sense of where the show is going. Dr. Cox serves as the stimulus for the interns, Turk is going to be friends with Denise, Denise is going to change because she is with Drew, Lucy is becoming a normal person, and Cole is going to stop being a jackass. It's definitely not perfect, but maybe it'll work.

Score: 8.9/10


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