Saturday, January 2, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Friday 01/01/10 - Better Off Ted still dead?

People that are watching football usually watch another game once one game ends. After the Rose Bowl (5.8) on ABC, viewers migrated over to Fox to watch the Sugar Bowl (4.6 including pregame).

Following the Rose Bowl, new episodes of Better Off Ted (1.7) and Scrubs (1.2), and repeats of Better Off Ted (0.9) and 20/20 (1.6) didn't do so well. To make matters worse, the Rose Bowl ran into the time slot of Better Off Ted, so the final ratings will probably be lower. The upside is that with the huge lead-in, Better Off Ted did way better than the pathetic 1.0 last week.

The big test will be this Tuesday when we'll see if any new viewers of the show actually care about it. If Better Off Ted can keep last night's gains, maybe there is a chance it will survive.

As for the other networks, they ran repeats and had no football, so CBS and NBC finished significantly worse with averages of 1.0 and 0.9 respectively.


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