Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review - Bones Season 5 Episode 20 The Witch in the Wardrobe

For her first time writing a script, Kathy Reichs did a damn good job. She's stayed away from the Booth/Brennan stuff which has weighed down the show for a while, focusing on Angela and Hodgins instead, a couple who is well-liked and doesn't get nearly as much attention as Booth and Brennan. And on that note, it looks like Reichs has also bought the big lie hook, line, and sinker, saying “Once you do the deed, you’re done. If we look at other shows like X-FILES or MOONLIGHTING, to me that speaks the beginning of the end." In both those cases, there is a tangible reason not related to some mysterious couple-getting-together-force that everyone seems to think permeates romantic dramedies: the couples were separated the following seasons.

The case in "The Witch in the Wardrobe" was a fairly standard investigation into Wiccans, and the squints find that the Wiccans had been on the fungus that makes LSD and killed the victim. The case wasn't a big focus in the episode, so I didn't have any major problems with it.

More importantly, Hodgins and Angela end up in jail after Hodgins mouths off to the police officer. The officer's strict dedication to the law is admirable and he helps them solve the case from inside the jail cell. Of course Hodgins and Angela forced to be in a confined space lends itself to them getting their relationship issues resolved. They're actually having a great time together and finally discuss the events of their breakup and both acknowledge they make the wrong choice. To caps things off they get married in the cell, a true impromptu wedding fitting of their personalities. Unfortunately, only the judge and officer were in there, so we couldn't see everyone else's reactions.

Score: 8.8/10
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