Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preview of Week 05/23/10 - 05/29/10

Lost - ABC, Sunday, May 23, 9:00pm ET

This is THE television event of the year. If you miss it, you're a loser. Nah...but in all seriousness, even those who don't watch the show should watch the series finale. The episode could suck and make no sense, and the show would still be remembered years from now not for the ending but the journey.

24 - Fox, Monday, May 24, 8:00pm ET

Lost (get it?) in all the frenzy about Lost is that 24 will end the very next day. While this season has been rather weak, 24 has had a long 8 season run and is a seminal show in its own right.

Chuck - NBC, Monday, May 24, 8:00pm ET

The third season finale is here and we don't have to worry about a fourth season; the shows already been renewed.  To be honest, part of me doesn't care much because the writers don't have a plan for the Ring, having spent most of the season with the Ring doing random things, but I've read about a mini-gamechanger at the end of the episode.

Law & Order - NBC, Monday, May 24, 10:00pm ET

Another show coming to an end! It doesn't look like the writers wrote the episode as a series finale, so it'll probably be average, but it wouldn't hurt to watch either.

NCIS - CBS, Tuesday, May 25, 8:00pm ET

At the end of last episode, Gibbs was in Mexico with a gun to his head. How will he get out of the shooting he did over 10 years ago and the current situation he is in?

The Good Wife - CBS, Tuesday, May 25, 10:00pm ET

I've said this many times already, but The Good Wife is the best new drama of the year and possibly the best new show of the year. The characters are compelling, the acting is top notch, and there is a perfect balance between the main story arcs and individual stories.

FlashForward - ABC, Thursday, May 27, 8:00pm ET

So the series kind of sucked after the pilot, but I kept watching. FlashForward was another one of those post-Lost shows whose sole intent was to have a big mystery and a large ensemble cast that flopped due to writer incompetency. This should be a cautionary tale to networks at writers that no matter the promotion or initial premise, the show has to work down the stretch and not just in the pilot to be successful.
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