Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review - Legend Of The Seeker Season 2 Episode 21 Unbroken

I'm not a big fan of alternative universes, so I was worried in the beginning when it looked like we'd be in for the long haul until the end of the series with the alternate universe. With only two episodes, I thought there would be no way to get out of the alternate universe and close the rift in the real world in enough time. As it turned out, the ending of the episode provided a solution to the problem despite some seemingly insurmountable odds at the very end.

To fix Cara, Zedd uses a very powerful spell to purge her of the dark magic. Not knowing its power, Zedd inadvertently changes everything. No dark magic means Cara is a normal person and never became Mord'Sith. She's a teacher with two kids, and Leo drops by her house, another sign that fate is at work.

The world is also in great shape. Without Cara, Richard was able to put together the Boxes of Orden without anyone stopping him. The powers of Orden allowed Richard to control the Mord'Sith, Darken Rahl, and anyone else that opposed him. The powers also allow Richard to be with Kahlan. The world is a lot better than the one we left, except the Keeper isn't affected by the spell because he operates outside of time and space. Dismayed by his sudden lack of power, he sends Sisters of the Dark to take the Box which they do, changing everyone under Richard's control back to the way they were. Richard's sister, Jennsen, makes a brief appearance as the Sisters use her to draw Richard away.

Richard seemed a tad overconfident in his abilities, so the situation goes for fine to mortally bad in a matter of minutes. Darken Rahl, guards, and Mord'Sith, all of whom are treated as normal people, instantly hate Richard and capture Richard. Darken Rahl gains the powers of Orden and quickly, this world has become far worse than the real world.

The only way to correct everything, as Zedd believes, is to do the same spell on Cara. Zedd and Kahlan show up to find Cara and Leo kissing, but the spell must be done even if Cara is pleading. However, before the spell can be completed, Mord'Sith kill Cara.

From the preview, everything is back to normal. Here's how I think the situation will be resolved. The alternate universe will be wrapped up in the opening act. After a fight, Kahlan will confess a Mord'Sith, have her use the Breath of Life to revive Cara. Zedd will perform the spell, bringing them back to the world we know.

Score: 8.8/10
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