Monday, May 31, 2010

Plans for the summer

After a grueling year of television which had me reviewing over 500 episodes among other posts, summer is finally upon us and there just isn't that much watch. However, I don't want the blog to die down and there are some shows to watch, so I'll still be writing. First off, CSN Stores offered me an opportunity to review one of their products, a pair of noise canceling headphones. Be sure to check out their products from TV stands to sofas.

The next big project is to rewatch and review every episode and movie of The X-Files--all 202 episodes and two movies. To finish in time, I'm thinking about reviewing 2-3 episodes a day, which shouldn't be too bad considering that I was sometimes reviewing over 8 episodes a day.

As for the shows I'll be watching and reviewing over the summer, here's the list: Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Lie to Me, True Blood, Leverage, Warehouse 13, Mad Men, Dark Blue, Flashpoint, Psych, White Collar, Better Off Ted, Haven, Rubicon, Covert Affairs. Tentatively, I'm putting The Closer on the list and Royal Pains may come off.
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