Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review - Party Down Season 2 Episode 3 Nick Dicintio's Orgy Night

Talk about a dirty, dirty episode. When I first read the title, "Nick Dicintio's Orgy Night," I thought it couldn't really be an orgy and an allusion to something else. As it turns out, it was an orgy--yes, an orgy where a bunch of people get together and have sex, except the host, Nick Dicintio, (Tom Lennon) wasn't quite as explicit in his invitation. Everyone is eating and drinking, but not having sex in his "fuck room."

Roman comes in the save the day with instructions, undoubtedly learned from reading and not experience. He suggests body shots, more alcohol, clustering fuck actives, and changing the music. Nick is grateful for his input and Roman's suggestions works to the extent that some people get wild and the orgy does start in the end.

Henry and Casey both are having relationship issues and for the first time since their breakup, talk about what's happening. Uda is badgering Henry about a fish and Casey found porn on her boyfriend's computer.

The episode was pretty fucking hilarious (in more ways than one) and since it's a Saturday, I'll have to keep the review short.

Score: 9.3/10
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