Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review - Justified Season 1 Episode 11 Veterans

With an unfocused episode like "Veterans," my mind kept drifting and I rewatched a large majority of the episode to make sure I could actually understand it (and unlike NCIS last night, I actually understood it after a rewatch). The episode dragged on and on, moseying about Boyd Crowder and his insanity and ended without much of a conclusion.

The episode was setup for the final two episodes of the season, so there are many pieces still floating around. The main thing we learned is that Boyd is fine with committing crime for "God" and loves quoting the Bible when it can be applied to other people. He's so unstable and/or stupid he doesn't realize he could apply negative Bible quotes to himself. He does, however, not shoot Dewey in the end, a sign that Boyd might actually follow some rules. But then again, he gets that rocket launcher and sure seems happy about that. Bo Crowder cleans up after his son, killing the meth cookers in a splatter of blood. Arlo was in charge of Bo's operations but failed miserably and owes lots of money. Boyd informs Raylan that Ava's ex-husband, Bowman, may have been helping Arlo, and Raylan finds Ava still in town. He gets the help of Winona to keep Ava at her place until everything boils over.

Score: 8.7/10
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