Monday, May 31, 2010

Review - United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 11 To Have and to Hold

The season finale is next week! It's seems like just yesterday the season began, but all good things must come to an end. And on the bright side, the show was renewed for another season after one episode, although the ratings have taken a big decline since the season premiere.

We came awfully close to finding out what's behind Tara and as soon as that happens, another wrinkle is thrown in. Through the wonders of the internet, Tara and Charmaine visit Mimi and make a startling discovery that Mimi not only took care of them but was also their foster mother. Then, Mimi's husband, Duane, comes out and so does T for the first time this season. T spouts off about Duane doing inappropriate things until Mimi says that she didn't even meet Duane in 1976. Out comes Chicken, a very young alter of Tara, one blissfully unaware of the strife around her.

So what now? Mimi drops the line that her foster home was for those from especially abusive households, which would lead back to Tara and Charmaine's hateful mother, but what if Mimi was lying about when she met Duane? I guess we'll find out next week.

I'm not sure how to approach Zach. From my perspective, everything about him is creepy. Telling Kate she just has to be herself? He did leave once he saw Kate's teenager room last week. Inquiring about a restraining order against Tara? Weird. Buying Kate a condo? Totally weird.

Lionel, on the other hand, started the episode where Zach was, mysterious and doing things outside the norm. He connects with Marshall, and for the first time, we see another side of Zach. He creates the story of what happened after the park to compensate for his desire to have more, to be loved, and that's where Marshall comes in. If this is even possible, the identity crisis problem, which has plagued every character this season, seems to be done with Marshall for now--until, of course, something happens with/to Lionel.

Next week is Charmaine and Nick's wedding and something must happen. Neil realizes that Charmaine's daughter will be his daughter as well and begins to have second thoughts; however he's leaving town since Charmaine is the only reason for him staying around. As a lesson to everyone--don't fixate on one person. Before heading off with Tara, Charmaine expresses some of her feelings, but is still waffling between the two. That doesn't spell good news for Nick, who has been more than generous--almost perfect in the way the family was perfect last season in spite of the craziness--but I predict that Charmaine will go through with the wedding. Then we'll see Nick's cracks.

Score: 9.1/10
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