Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 22 Tears

As expected the spell that created the AU universe last week was reversed quickly, Zedd using the spell on Dahlia and this time there wasn't any unexpected effects that we could see. Part of that bothered me because the spell did crazy things last episode because it was used on Cara, a main character, while Dahlia, a less essential character has virtually no impact on anything.

The majority of the episode is spent in a frantic chase with 3 distinct parties. There's Nikki and a confessed Kahlan who blind Richard who is traveling with a boy who is actually the Keeper, and Zedd, Cara, and Mord'Sith sent by Darken Rahl. Kahlan catches up to Richard who handed the Stone to the Keeper, and with the world is about to end, Kahlan stabs Richard before coming to her senses. Her tears create another Stone of Tears as Cara revives Richard and the world is saved.

If the show were to be picked up miraculously--about a 0.1% chance happening--the episode does leave the door open for the next season. Darken Rahl has his mojo back and is out for blood, and since he's most of a tangible enemy than the Keeper, who pretty much sent minions to do his bidding, Darken Rahl would probably be a better enemy for next season.

The episode and series ends with Richard and Kahlan kissing, because their love is more than magic. The show could go on, but if this is the way it ends, I'm happy.

A wave of nostalgia is going to hit TV watchers, me included, in the next few days where the end of the series transcends the actual episode and Legend of the Seeker belongs with them. Lost ends tomorrow and 24 ends the next day, and while LOTS doesn't have the storied history either of them have and will probably become a footnote in history, the improvements from the beginning of the series should be noted.

Score: 9.1/10
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